Coming Soon: An End to the $9 Airfare Sale?

The Department of Transportation understands your frustration, which is why it created a new rule forcing all airlines to advertise the total cost of a flight, including taxes and fees.

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New “Full Fare” Rule Goes into Effect Jan. 24

A federal court has refused to delay implementation of this rule which means starting Jan. 24, 2012, when you go airfare shopping you will see the price you will actually pay. How about that? And this will affect airline and travel websites. Don’t look for any changes on FareCompare, though, but there’s a good reason for that.

  • FareCompare has always shown full and complete airfare prices.

That’s because we believe in both cheap flights and truth in advertising. Nice to see the rest of the online world is catching up.

No More $9 Airfares?

Spirit Airlines was one of the carriers that sought to delay implementation of this “more transparency” rule, probably due to its many extremely cheap airfare sale prices which undergo significant bloat when all the taxes and fees are tallied up; for example, even if you do not check a suitcase with Spirit, you will be charged a carryon bag fee, which ranges from $20 to $45 (depending on where and when you pay the fee).

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We asked Spirit if they had any reaction to the recent ruling. Spirit’s Director of Corporate Communications answered our emailed question, “do you have a response?” with a one-word answer: “No.”

But what about you, readers: since transparency in airfare seems like such a simple idea, why the heck did it take them so long to get around to it?


Published: September 23, 2011