Clear Program Adds Dallas/Fort Worth to Airports with Fast, Members-Only Lines

If you’re not familiar with the program known as Clear (or CLEAR as the company refers to itself), it may be because it is only operational in three airports: Denver, Orlando and San Francisco. It is expanding though and beginning June 27, Clear comes to DFW.

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Clear: Pay to Move to the Head of the Line

Clear is a members-only program that costs $179 (unlimited use for a year), that provides pre-screened travelers with a speedier airport experience by allowing them to cut in line at airport security.

However, once the passenger reaches the security checkpoint, they go through the same screening procedures as everyone else. However, Clear has reportedly been in contact with the TSA to see if its passengers can bypass some of these screening measures as well.

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Clear Identifies Passengers via Biometrics

After all, they are pre-screened – meaning, they have provided personal background information (as is required in various government trusted traveler programs), and they use Clear’s sophisticated identification process which includes eye (iris) and fingerprint biometrics.

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Where to Find Clear Lanes

Meanwhile, you can find Clear lanes at the following airports and terminals:

Dallas (DFW)

  • Terminal E America

Denver (DEN)

  • Jeppesen Terminal North
  • Jeppesen Terminal South

Orlando (MCO)

  • Main Terminal East
  • Main Terminal West

San Francisco (SFO)

  • Terminal 1 (Area B)
  • Terminal 1 (Area C)
  • Terminal 2 (Area D)
  • Terminal 3 (Area F1)
  • International Terminal (Area A)
  • International Terminal (Area G)


Published: June 20, 2012