Clean-Up Coming to 'Filthy' Restrooms at JFK, LaGuardia, Newark

Forget the hassles of crowded security lines and delayed planes – passengers at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark are used to that. They’re also used to what to what one report calls the filthy restrooms at the three New York City-area airports, but it appears that is about to change.

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Restroom Overhauls for JFK, LaGuardia, Newark

The director of the Port Authority (which oversees the three facilities) says airport upgrades will soon get underway and one of the noticeable improvements will be restroom overhauls. The cleaner facilities will be unveiled after a 90-day make-over period, but it’s not quite clear exactly when that will begin. As the Port Authority’s Patrick Foye put it, the clock starts “in the next short period.” Foye spoke at a groundbreaking ceremony for the $160 million expansion of the Delta terminals at LaGuardia.

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Airport Lavatories Help Win ‘Worst Airport’ Honors

The state of New York-area airport lavatories is one of the reasons all three routinely make world’s worst airport lists – including, most recently, Frommer’s. The travel site described Newark as a “hideously mismanaged money sink” while pointing out that at JFK, it was clear that “the cleaning crew gave up in despair.”

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Goal: Getting Off ‘Worst List’ in Year or So

The New York Post greeted the news with a headline shouting, “Stall-e-lujah!” but passengers may have to be patient. As the Port Authority’s Foye said, “My goal is not to be on the Frommer’s list in 12 to 24 months.” By then, Chicago’s O’Hare may have the worst lists all to itself.


Published: April 12, 2012