Cheapest Destinations for Thanksgiving

If you’ll be going to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, there’s not a lot of wiggle room on airfare prices, although the easiest way to save at least a little is to buy sooner rather than later. Prices are going up.

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But if you just want to get away – somewhere – you have more options for the holidays. Truly cheap flights will be few and far between, but some destinations are cheaper than others – and there are a few that will cost about the same as non-holiday airfare.

Short Flights

Airfare analyst Rick Seaney says, “If you can limit yourself to a getaway on a flight that’s under an hour (or in a few cases, roughly an hour or so) you may find some good airfare prices including some that are about the same as fall/winter non-holiday prices.” A big reason is airlines tend to fly such routes numerous times a day.

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Some examples of more popular, short hops:

  • Dallas – Houston
  • Los Angeles – San Francisco (a little over the time limit)
  • New York – Baltimore

You’ll note that these routes are to/from major airports – traveling through such hubs is usually a good way to save any time of the year.

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Select Destinations

Some cities are cheaper than other thanks to increased competition. The West is riding high on this wave, but we’re seeing some deals back east as well.

Good destination options include Denver and Los Angeles. Denver has seen an explosion of competition over the past few years, while LA benefits from the competition of all those airport including LAX, Burbank, Orange County and Long Beach especially since the latter became a focus city for JetBlue. Also, Dallas being the big hub that it is also has some nice getaway flights, to New Orleans for example.

Along the east coast, several cities have well-priced flights to Florida destinations including Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa. Check with the Deals Blog for more.


Published: October 25, 2012