Cheap Flights to Best Skiing in the U.S., Canada

Now is the time for skiing or snowboarding – or watching the action from a cozy lodge. Check out these destination ideas – just click on the city name to find cheap flights – but don’t miss our tips at the end to help you save even more money.

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East: New England

Boston’s sprawling Logan is the gateway to dozens of excellent resorts in Vermont and New Hampshire and one of the cheaper places in the U.S. to fly to thanks to so much airline competition including several discount carriers – but don’t overlook Burlington which frequently boasts cheap flights on JetBlue.

Alternate airport: Hartford – watch for occasional deals to this Connecticut airport, located just 80 miles from Brattleboro, Vermont.

Midwest: Michigan

Michigan is perfect for quick ski getaways for Midwesterners at resorts all the way to the Upper Peninsula. Both cities offer good competition – Chicago’s Midway is a focus airport for Southwest while Detroit is a Delta hub.

Alternate airport: Appleton, Wisconsin – served by ultra-discounter Allegiant.

West: Rockies

Both cities offer world-class skiing at nearby resorts and Denver is especially cheap right now thanks to lots of competition from discount airlines, but Salt Lake has nice deals too thanks to flights via Frontier, JetBlue and Southwest.

Alternate airport: Colorado Springs, but hurry – discounter Frontier will be cutting back flights there soon.

Far West: British Columbia

The gateway city to Whistler and other world-renowned resorts features airlines from around the world including Canadian discounter WestJet.

Alternate airport: Seattle – drive up to Canada or just stay put and enjoy terrific skiing in the Cascades or Olympic Mountains.

Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Ski Resorts

Compare prices: If you go to a single airline site, you won’t know if you got the best deal. Always compare ticket prices on a comparison shopping site.

Fly the cheapest days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to fly in the U.S. and many sales to ski country specifically limit travel to those days. Next cheapest day to fly: Saturday.

Search nearby airports: Compare prices and compare airports – you never know where a great deal will crop up.

Add a stop to save: Non-stops are nice but you pay a premium for the convenience. Add a stop and you could save as much as 60%.

Pack light: Some airlines will count your skis as a single checked-bag so you won’t pay the extra oversize charge, but why pay an additional bag fee? Use a carry-on, wear your coat, and stuff those pockets.


Published: January 22, 2013