Cheap Flights of the Week: The Hot List

It’s hot outside and so are the deals. We have sizzling ones for summer and cool fares for fall, but enough with the alliteration, let’s save some money!

Cheap Flights of the Week

As always, click the name of the airline for sample fares and destinations.

Deals Expiring Soon

  • Spirit: Summer deals from $39 one-way
  • United: Last-minute deals for this weekend

The Magic Date to Fly (hint: it’s in August)

U.S. Deals

  • Alaska: August deals from $76 one-way
  • American: Late summer/fall deals from $111 round-trip
  • JetBlue: Summer and fall deals from $42 one-way
  • Southwest: Late summer/fall deals from $59 one-way
  • United: Late summer/fall deals from $63 one-way
  • Virgin America: Fall deals from $49 one-way

U.S. to International Destinations

  • Norwegian: Caribbean deals from $99 one-way

Deals for International Fliers

And If You Still Want More

Tip: Take some initiative so you don’t miss anymore $99 one-way flights to Paris! Just check out the Deals Blog or we’ll bring you deals on Twitter and Facebook. Or what the heck, search for a cheap flight right now.

Now let’s all take a break and get in the pool.


Updated: October 27, 2015