Cheap Flights of the Week: No Debate on These Good Deals

We can all agree on this – airlines launched a bunch of good deals this week. Some have expired, alas, including Virgin America’s sale from $38 one-way, but if you keep up with us on Twitter or check the Deals Blog every Tuesday, you won’t miss out.

Nevertheless! There are still plenty of cheap flights out there, as you will see.

Cheap Flights of the Week

Click the airline name for sample fares and destinations.


  • Frontier: Fall Deals from $19 one-way (members only)

Deals within the U.S.

  • Alaska: Summer, Fall Deals from $65 one-way (includes Hawaii, Mexico)
  • American: Summer, Fall, Winter Deals from $131 round-trip
  • JetBlue: Summer, Fall Deals from $36 one-way
  • Southwest: Summer, Fall, Winter Deals from $73 one-way
  • UPDATE United: Summer, Fall Deals from $69 on-way – Sale Extended

U.S. to International Destinations

  • Air Canada: Deals to Canada, Asia, South America
  • JetBlue: Vacation Packages to Barbados from $495 per person
  • Etihad: Deals to India and the Middle East

Deals for International Travelers

  • Etihad: U.K. Fall Deals to Asia and Australia
  • Qantas: Deals in Australia from $99 one-way

And If You Still Want More

You know what to do: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, check the Deals Blog or look for a cheap flight right now.

See you at the airport. We can debate which security line is longest.


Updated: October 26, 2015