Cheap Flights Headquarters: Weekly Airfare Deals Round-up

We’ve corralled the best sales in this latest deals round-up so saddle-up and start shopping. If you do not speak Old West, let us translate: Cheap flights.

Cheapest Flights of the Week

You missed a few sales that hit the Deals Blog Tuesday (and expired Thursday) so you missed some cheap flights, but plenty of bargains remain. Click the airline for more info.

Tip: See the next round of sales April 28 on the Deals Blog.

U.S. Weekend Deals

  • United: This Weekend Deals from $163 roundtrip HURRY

U.S. Domestic Deals

  • Alaska: May and June Deals from $69 one-way
  • Frontier: Deals for Spring from $39 one-way HURRY
  • Hawaiian: Fall Deals to Hawaii from $388 round-trip
  • JetBlue: Summer Deals from $34 one-way

U.S. Deals to International Destinations

  • British Airways: U.S. to London Deals from $822 round-trip
  • Swiss: New York to Europe Cities from $793 round-trip
  • United: Summer Deals to Italy from $933 round-trip

Deals for International Flyers

And If You Still Want More

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And let us add – wherever you go – have a great flight and a safe journey.


Updated: April 24, 2015