Cheap Flights for the Dog Days of Summer: Weekly Sale Round-up

We’re sprinting ahead to August – dog days of summer – when most of this week’s airline sales are valid. But there are some deals for July and some excellent deals to Europe.

Cheap Flights: The Weekly Round-up

As always, click the airline name for sample fares and destinations. All these sales come from the FareCompare Deals Blog.

Weekend Deals

  • American: Deals for Next Weekend from $220 round-trip HURRY
  • United: Deals for This Weekend from $168 round-trip HURRY

Deals in the U.S.

  • Alaska: Summer and Fall Deals from $69 one-way
  • Frontier: Late Summer/Fall Deals from $49 one-way
  • Virgin America: Fall Sale from $49 one-way

U.S. to International Destinations

  • Air France: Deals to Europe from $825 round-trip
  • KLM: Deals to Europe from $850 round-trip
  • United: Price Drops on Fall Deals to Europe
  • Wow Air: Deals to Europe from $99 one-way NOT A TYPO

Deals for International Fliers

And If You Still Want More

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Happy travels. Happy dog days.


Updated: October 27, 2015