Cheap Flight Time is Here

If you haven’t checked FareCompare’s Deals Blog lately, you should. It’s bursting with airline sales, teeming with cheap flights (and we list five great examples below). What’s going on? [See the helpful video below]

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Fall is Cheap

What’s going on is the normal seasonal price fluctuation. We’re talking simple economics here: Summer is the time people want to fly so fares are high. Fewer want to fly in autumn so fares are low.  This is true for domestic U.S. flights, and for flights to Europe where prices typically drop at the end of August and again in late October.

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The Fall ‘Dead Zone’

Another factor at work: Dead zones. There are a few of these ultra-cheap zones throughout the year but the fall dead zone is one of the best since it’s sandwiched between two of the year’s busiest travel periods, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s.

  • Fall dead zone: First couple of weeks in December

FareCompare’s Rick Seaney first called this a dead zone because – well, airports are about as close to a graveyard as they get during these periods. And you’ll be forever haunted if you don’t take advantage of the savings.

Where to Find the Deals

See some sample deals below. Not all are good for dead zone travel but all are good for fall. Keep checking the Deals Blog since airlines are just getting started on discounted fares for autumn.

  • Alaska – Fall sale from $69 one-way
  • American – Deals to Hawaii from $424 roundtrip
  • JetBlue – Fall flights from $57 one-way
  • United – Europe sale from $600 round-trip
  • Virgin America – Fall and winter sale from $71 one-way

Two Tips to Always Keep in Mind

These tips work any time you want to find cheap flights.

1. You will usually find the cheapest flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

2. You will usually find the cheapest airfares by shopping Tuesday afternoons

VIDEO: Check this out – 6 Tips for Saving on Fall Travel:


Updated: February 9, 2016