Changes on Frontier: More Room, Less Room

This is a ‘good news, bad news’ post – at least for those who like to fly Frontier Airlines (and the Denver-based carrier has many fans).

Changes on Frontier: Seats Widths

The good news, according to media reports: the airline is adding 1.3 inches to the width of its middle seats so they’ll be 19.3 inches wide which is pretty darn good. Frontier’s window and aisle seats, however, will apparently remain at 18.1.

In comparison, Spirit’s economy seats are 17.75 inches while JetBlue’s range from 17.8 to 18.25 [Source: SeatGuru].

Changes on Frontier: Seat Pitch, Screens

The bad news is, some of these new seats are “pre-reclined” which means – they do not recline! The airline is also squeezing some rows more tightly together, shrinking its seat pitch to as little as 28 inches (seat pitch is the space between your seat and the seat in front of you).

Frontier is also removing its seatback screens due to weight (which saves fuel) and because of “low passenger use” (apparently everyone’s on his/her own device).

Changes on Frontier: Bathrooms

Oh, they’re also shrinking the size of the bathrooms. And all these changes will allow Frontier to add an additional dozen seats to its planes.

But about those airline lavatories – and we’re talking about all airlines now – can those bathrooms get any smaller? What do you think?


Updated: July 23, 2015