Changes for American, US Airways Passengers

The planes are still different – some carry the logo of American Airlines, others spell out US Airways – but the merger between the two carriers was officially completed in December so that’ll change though probably not for a while. What is changing soon – next week, in fact – is how passengers can shop for flights on these carriers. Plus another airline name change.

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Seamless Code-Shares

Starting Jan. 23, American and US Airways will begin code-sharing on some flights (and more are in the pipeline). In practical terms, this means a little more convenience. You can book a flight that involves both airlines on a single, seamless purchase; as USA Today put it, “Such an arrangement allows customers to purchase a single itinerary even if it involves flights that connect from one carrier to the other.”

Mostly Hub Routes to Start

Again, this doesn’t cover all itineraries. They’re rolling this out for mostly inter-hub flights and American’s hubs include Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami and New York while US Airways’ include Charlotte, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Note: To check-in for your flight, go to the airline operating the flight.

And for You American Eagle Passengers

American Eagle Airlines is changing its name to Envoy (as the Dallas Morning News points out, “Not Envoy Airlines. Envoy.”). Now, not to be too confusing but the name American Eagle isn’t disappearing completely – it will remain the brand for all of American’s regional flying. Envoy will be a separate carrier, owned by the American Airlines Group. Got that?


Published: January 14, 2014