Changes Coming to Southwest's Rapid Rewards Miles Program

If you’re a member of Southwest Airlines frequent flyer miles program known as Rapid Rewards, your attention please: Beginning next spring, you will need more points to redeem reward flights.

New Point Requirements

Starting March 31, 2014, booking the cheapest reward flights (Wanna Get Away fares) will require 70 points per dollar, instead of 60 points per dollar which is the current going rate. This is according to emails received today by Rapid Rewards members.

The increase does not apply to the more expensive Anytime or Business Select tickets. Learn more about this on the Southwest’s website.

Miles Programs Can Change Often

This is the third time in recent years we’ve seen changes to Rapid Rewards which included a revamp for AirTran flyers when the two carriers merged. Other airlines make changes from time to time, too so it’s always a good idea to thoroughly read any communication received from your airline so you’re not blindsided when it’s time to shop for that “free” ticket.


Published: September 23, 2013