Changes in Airline Routes/Destinations

If you’ve booked a flight and the route changes – either a city is dropped or an arrival or departure time changes – airlines are generally good about keeping passengers informed.

When Routes Change

Problems arise when you fail to provide contact information or their email goes directly to spam. Be sure any airline you fly has your phone and email address. Meanwhile, here are a few of the changes now underway.

U.S. Airlines – Updates


The U.S. discount carrier is dropping five destinations from Trenton-Mercer airport: Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Cleveland.


Now that’s the carrier’s merger with AirTran is essentially complete, Southwest keeps on adding new service.

Beginning June 7:

  • Indianapolis/Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles/Portland, Ore.
  • Oakland/Nashville
  • Oakland/New Orleans

Beginning Jun 28

  • Austin/Orange Co., Calif.
  • Austin/St. Louis
  • Indianapolis/Boston


Added flights, dropped flights.

  • Chicago/Rome: The airline will offer daily seasonal service between Chicago and Rome from June 4 to Sept. 23.
  • Chicago/St. Cloud: United Express carrier Skywest is cancelling its service between these cities as of April 7.

More Airline Info

For more updates, see which covers the schedules and route changes of carriers around the world.


Published: January 5, 2015