Celebrity Airline Endorsements – Do They Work?

According to the New York Post, Jennifer Anniston landed a deal to endorse the Middle East airline Emirates. Will the say-so of the newlywed actress make you want to fly them?

The airline certainly hopes so. Unfortunately, no ads of the Friends actress are available yet but there’s an amazing celebrity ‘endorsement’ video below.

Celebrity Airline Endorsements

Even if a celebrity’s endorsement doesn’t result in a rush of new business, it can often make a difference in good will or just get an airline’s name out there. According to Fortune, Nicole Kidman’s endorsement of Etihad caused a bit of a stir, but other stars endorsing other carriers sometimes seem to create little to no stir at all.

What matters more, celebrity endorsements or cheap flights?

Some celebrity airline endorsements, past and present:

  • Air New Zealand: The airline has  been endorsed by fitness guru Richard Simmons as well as a contingent of Lord of the Rings characters (see the video below).
  • Alaska Airlines: Seattle Seahawks quarter and Super Bowl winner Russell Wilson is the airline’s Chief Football Officer.
  • British Airways: Actor Orlando Bloom has touted the carrier.
  • Emirates: Endorsed by football (soccer) legend Pele and legend-in-the-making Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Qantas: Actor John Travolta, who also starred in a safety demo video for the airline.
  • Turkish Airlines: Actor Kevin Costner and NBA star Kobe Bryant have both appeared in ads for the carrier.

By the way, Ms. Aniston and her new husband reportedly flew to their Polynesian honeymoon destination by private jet.

VIDEO: Friends of Air New Zealand.


Updated: August 10, 2015