FAA Worries About “A Million Drones” for Christmas

Will you find a drone under the tree this year? The Federal Aviation Administration thinks many will and according to several news reports they’re not happy because the flying gadgets or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have the potential to cause a lot of problems. At least, in inexperienced hands. FAA Official: Million… Read More


Download The Eventurist Travel App

When it comes to travel, what inspires you to make a plan and go? Are you looking for flight deals to iconic cities or events around the world? Is it just ‘getting away from it all’, or seeing, with your own eyes, a different part of the world? Maybe it’s an annual… Read More

Surfing at 33,000 feet

Riskiest Popular Tourist Attractions for Phone Threats?

The following is from Skycure which calls itself a “mobile threat defense company that detects and prevents cyber attacks.” Just to be clear, FareCompare does not endorse any product but thought you’d find this interesting. Phone Threats While Traveling Sometimes the biggest travel risk to a phone is somebody swiping… Read More


Cash vs. Credit/Debit Cards for Vacation Travel

A recent survey by the U.K.-based Alpha Travel Insurance Co. reveals that nearly 20% of survey respondents say they take no cash with them on holidays or vacations at all. Is this smart? LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney explains his financial strategy. Cash vs. Cards for Vacation Travel Not everyone… Read More