Lady on her phone in the airplane

Riskiest Popular Tourist Attractions for Phone Threats?

The following is from Skycure which calls itself a “mobile threat defense company that detects and prevents cyber attacks.” Just to be clear, FareCompare does not endorse any product but thought you’d find this interesting. Phone Threats While Traveling Sometimes the biggest travel risk to a phone is somebody swiping… Read More


Cash vs. Credit/Debit Cards for Vacation Travel

A recent survey by the U.K.-based Alpha Travel Insurance Co. reveals that nearly 20% of survey respondents say they take no cash with them on holidays or vacations at all. Is this smart? LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney explains his financial strategy. Cash vs. Cards for Vacation Travel Not everyone… Read More

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Scam Alert: Internet Dating and Romance Fraud

We have written about ‘romantic scams‘ in the past, but it’s time for an update thanks to new information on the U.S. State Department’s travel site. Bottom line is, do not send strangers money – even if you think you’re in love with them. Internet Dating and Romance Scams The… Read More

Lady on her phone in the airplane

Airlines and Wi-Fi: Most Connected Carriers

If you want to work on a plane or watch a movie or just stay in the loop, good news from the folks at RouteHappy (an air travel data, content and tools provider). Its new, comprehensive study indicates it’s getting easier to find Wi-Fi on flights. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick… Read More

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SkyMall: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s unclear if today’s bankruptcy filing by omnipresent airplane seatback catalog SkyMall is the end for the venerable marketplace-in-the sky, but that seems to be a distinct possibility. As the Wall Street Journal says, SkyMall’s CEO will try to sell the business as a going concern but has no buyers… Read More