The Worst Fee of All – And How to Avoid It

If you’re not familiar with the change fee, it’s time to learn especially now with many of us making expensive holiday flight reservations. You could avoid a nasty surprise. As much as $200 worth of nastiness. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney hates nasty surprises. What is an Airline Change Fee If… Read More

Allegiant to Charge $5 for Printing Boarding Passes

The term “junk fee” – in relation to airlines – has been around at least since 2001 but it’s really been getting a workout the past few years. The latest junk fee: Allegiant’s $5 charge for printing out a boarding pass which goes into effect Sept. 1. 4 fees you… Read More

Delta Drops Onboard Entertainment Fee

Well, here’s something different. According to CNN, Delta Air Lines had been charging passengers from $.99 to $3.99 to view TV and movies on its screens, but now – it’s free. Entertainment on Delta, Other Airlines Delta’s new fee-less entertainment policy which took effect Aug. 1 is good on flights… Read More

Airlines Sue to Halt TSA Fee Increase

U.S. airlines have not made a secret of their unhappiness over the recent increase in the U.S. Sept. 11 Security Fee. Now, the trade group Airlines for American (formerly the Air Transport Association) is suing to get the increase rescinded. What is This Fee The Sept. 11 charge on airline… Read More