Airlines Sue to Halt TSA Fee Increase

U.S. airlines have not made a secret of their unhappiness over the recent increase in the U.S. Sept. 11 Security Fee. Now, the trade group Airlines for American (formerly the Air Transport Association) is suing to get the increase rescinded. What is This Fee The Sept. 11 charge on airline… Read More

Surprisingly, Not Everyone Hates Airline Fees

An interesting report from the airline analysts at IdeaWorks claims not everyone hates airline fees – some will even “happily” pay them. Why they will has to do with wealth, bang-for-your-buck and the perils of greed. Let’s take these in order. What do you pay? Airline Fee Chart Happy with… Read More

The Worst Thing about a Checked-Bag? It's Not the Fee

The following scene played out March 15 at a baggage carousel in Los Angeles International’s Terminal 7, but it could have happened anywhere, anytime. The Waiting is the Hardest Part Newly arrived passenger: “It took me at least 10 minutes to get off the plane. How long is it going… Read More