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Even Elite Passengers Can’t Escape All Airline Bag Fees

Interesting report from Skift notes changes in airline baggage policies for elite passengers – and by elite, we mean the most frequent of flyers who spend a lot of money. Airline Bag Fees for Elite Passengers Skift points out changes at American Airlines: “Until this week, passengers flying domestically in… Read More

Saving Money

Which Country’s Travelers are the Biggest Cheapskates?

According to  Expedia, a lot of U.S. fliers are cheapskates. Or at least they’re tight with money when it comes to paying airline fees for ‘extras’. Cheap? Maybe. Others might call it ‘frugal’ or good old common sense. Biggest Cheapskates on Fees Cheapskate habits were documented in a recent Expedia… Read More

Credit Card, Please

Watch for More Onboard Sales Pitches

According to a new report from Guestlogix, we’re going to see a continuing push by airlines to sell us stuff on planes. Onboard Sales Pitches: What’s Hot, What’s Not Some of the winners and losers for onboard sales may surprise you: What’s selling: “Fresh food” otherwise known as sandwiches; entertainment… Read More

Does your suitcase overflow?

10 Unusual Ways to Avoid Bag Fees

We spotted this in the Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun, thought it was fun and hope you do, too. LISTEN: So how does travel expert Rick Seaney do it? Backstory: According to the article, employees of low cost carrier Norwegian Air compiled a list of imaginative passenger excuses to avoid baggage… Read More

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Which Airlines Offer the Most Legroom?

Which airlines offer the most legroom? It can vary by length of flight because some airlines use different planes for different routes. U.S. airlines are pretty good at giving you extra inches, but they are not the best in the world, says Condé Nast Traveler. How is Legroom Measured? Legroom… Read More

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Bah, Humbug: Spirit Raises Bag Fees for Christmas

Yes, Virginia, there will be higher baggage fees at Christmastime on Spirit Airlines, but there is some good news too. Spirit: Bag Fees Rising What you need to know if you’ll fly Spirit during the December holidays. When: Fee hikes will apply to travel from Dec. 16 to Jan. 4… Read More

trying to get to the plane

Why You Must Carefully Measure Carry-on Bags

The next time you go shopping for a carry-on bag, have a tape measure handy. According to Chicago’s ABC7 News, Consumer Reports says not all bags are as small as the manufacturers claim they are. And that could cost you. Some Carry-on Bags are Too Big Consumer Reports measured eleven… Read More

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Frontier Bag Fees Hiked for the Holidays

If you buy the cheapest seats on Frontier (and who among us does not?) you’re in for a surprise at Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And New Year’s. And Spring Break. Higher baggage fees. Frontier Bag Fees Hikes of $5-$10 Temporary bag fee hikes will be in effect on these travel dates:… Read More

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New, Unusual Way to Avoid Bag Fees

The new way to avoid baggage fees is very simple: Join Orion, a travel club, accept their gift of free luggage and agree to become a walking billboard [see video below]. No Bag Fees for Billboard Bags The first six months of the club are free; then you pay $19.99… Read More