JetBlue to Add First Class Service on Cross-Country Flights in 2014

JetBlue, the popular low-cost carrier with a single class will be changing next year as the New York-based airline introduces “transcontinental premium service.” Translation: Roomy, lie-flat seats on some coast-to-coast flights. To see what this will look like, check out the video below. JetBlue – best airline in America? JetBlue Seeks… Read More

Passengers on Planes: iPads vs. Laptops

What do airline passengers really want? Information. How do they want it? According to a survey from FlightView, travelers want to access info electronically on a personal device. And which personal device is a tale of changing tastes and technology. Study: Do We Need to Turn Devices Off? Smartphones Supreme… Read More

Business Travel: Fewer Trips of Longer Duration

An organization called the Global Business Travel Association reports U.S. business travel has shown “moderate but steady growth” over the past year and may reach pre-recession levels by this summer. Business Class without Babies Business Travelers: Doing More on the Road One of the more notable findings of the report is that… Read More