Waiting in Line

Watch for Longer Lines at TSA Security Checkpoints

We’ve all read about the recent security failures at U.S. airports where officers reportedly did not find fake explosives and other items during covert testing. The solution, as Politico so eloquently put it, may “gum up airport checkpoints.” Failures = Longer Lines at TSA Security Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson… Read More

Airport Security bins

Top U.S. Airports for Guns in Carry-on Bags

2014 was a record year for firearms discovered in luggage in U.S. airports. According to the TSA, 2,212 guns were found – and more than 80 percent of them were loaded. 22% Increase in Gun Confiscations To be fair, that’s not much considering security officers screened more than 650 million… Read More

X-ray of carry on bags

Can I Bring This Through Security?

Most of us know the basics of U.S. airport security regulations: Only very small amounts of liquid are allowed through checkpoints (less than 3.4 ounces) while guns are never allowed in carry-ons (though that doesn’t stop travelers from ‘forgetting’). But the rules are complicated and there are surprises. Can I… Read More