Best of the Bunch

The Best “Best Airline” List?

There are lots of ‘best airline’ lists but we like the new one from the Wall Street Journal because it focuses on the things important to travelers. No points are given for style or food, just airlines getting passengers where they need to be with the least amount of drama.… Read More


Airlines Add New Cities

Airlines are constantly tinkering with schedules, adding (or dropping) cities and routes. A round-up of the latest changes. Note: Although most airlines listed here are low cost carriers, no single airline always has the best deals. If you don’t compare fares, you could pay too much. Airlines Add New Cities… Read More

Credit Card, Please

Watch for More Onboard Sales Pitches

According to a new report from Guestlogix, we’re going to see a continuing push by airlines to sell us stuff on planes. Onboard Sales Pitches: What’s Hot, What’s Not Some of the winners and losers for onboard sales may surprise you: What’s selling: “Fresh food” otherwise known as sandwiches; entertainment… Read More

Does your suitcase overflow?

10 Unusual Ways to Avoid Bag Fees

We spotted this in the Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun, thought it was fun and hope you do, too. LISTEN: So how does travel expert Rick Seaney do it? Backstory: According to the article, employees of low cost carrier Norwegian Air compiled a list of imaginative passenger excuses to avoid baggage… Read More

Havana, Cuba

U.S. Airline Flights to Cuba to Resume

“The United States and Cuba have reached an agreement to resume commercial air travel between the two countries for the first time in more than half a century,” says CNN, citing a State Department announcement. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney with the latest details. Flights to Cuba will Resume –… Read More

United Airlines

United Brings Back Free Snacks in Economy

We didn’t see this one coming but we are delighted. Who would have thought free snacks would return to economy class? Apparently, United did. LISTEN: Free snacks? Whoo-hoo! Free Snacks in Economy Return Feb. 2016 According to United’s press release, free snacks will make a comeback sometime in February 2016… Read More

Right on time

On-time Airlines, On-time Airports

If you’re looking for airline flights that take off when they’re supposed to, or airports known for punctual planes, these latest on-time lists from FlightStats are a must-read. All statistics are from November 2015. LISTEN: Travel pro Rick Seaney sees big improvement. On-Time Airlines, North America Top 5 U.S. and… Read More