Southwest Plane

Southwest: The World’s Most Admired Airline?

If you believe Fortune, Southwest is the world’s most admired airline after making it onto the top ten of the annual list of fifty best companies. Note: Winners are culled from large U.S. corporations as well as non-U.S. companies in Fortune’s Global 500 database with revenues of $10 billion or… Read More

Sale Time

Do Airlines Honor Mistake Fares?

Last night (Feb. 11), United Airlines found itself in a bit of a pickle when it figured out shoppers were scooping up first class fares on trans-Atlantic flights such as London-Newark for as little as $75. That is what is known as a mistake fare. LISTEN: Mistake fares? An unrealized… Read More

Airfare Hikes of 2015

See the chart below for all the details including the ultimate success or failure of each attempted airfare hike.   Airfare Hike Attempt #1 February 12 First Airfare Hike of 2015 is a Success   Previous Years Airfare Hikes 2014 Airfare Hikes 2013 Airfare Hikes 2012 Read More


Want to Fly in a Dreamliner?

American Airlines announces its Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights begin this spring. This cool and relatively new plane features big, ‘dimmable’ windows, improved cabin humidity and it’s said to be a whole lot quieter than other aircraft. American’s 787-8s will also feature “a walk-up bar stocked with snacks and refreshments for customers… Read More