Delta Soars in Latest Government Airline Statistics

Delta Air Lines did very well in a variety of performance categories, according to the latest U.S. government airline statistics for the month of September. Latest Airline Statistics U.S. airlines proved to be generally punctual, posting an on-time arrival rate of 86.5% in September which was up from 81.1% in September… Read More

Crowded cabin of plane

Which Airlines Offer the Most Legroom?

Which airlines offer the most legroom? It can vary by length of flight because some airlines use different planes for different routes. U.S. airlines are pretty good at giving you extra inches, but they are not the best in the world, says Condé Nast Traveler. How is Legroom Measured? Legroom… Read More

From Emirates Video

Another Amazing Airline Video Goes Viral

Airlines have discovered what anyone with a cat and a camera has known for years: A fun or amazing video can go viral in hours and it’s an easy way to get some positive attention. The latest airline to join the crowd is Emirates with its Jetman stunt. Emirates’ Airline… Read More

A line of puppies.

The Real Story Behind the Fat Dog on the Plane

The tweet from the airport gate about an unusual passenger preparing to board a plane at Los Angeles International pretty much said it all: “holy [blank] I just saw the literal fattest dog” –Oct. 26 via @madeleinedoux Fat Dog’s Story Fattest dog in fact weighs 165 pounds and his name… Read More

Plane Angst

More Passenger Incidents on Planes

It has not been smooth sailing for some airline passengers lately, or flight crews either. Some recent incidents in the news. Alleged Passenger Choking Incident We’ve heard about disputes over reclining seats before, but nothing quite like this. A Southwest flight traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco has to… Read More