Last Minute Thanksgiving Travel Advice

Follow these four easy steps and you’ll be just fine. Really. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney with more smart tips. 1. Leave twice as early as usual. How early to leave for the airport is a difficult question to answer but we suggest twice as early. If you normally head… Read More


Sardine Time for Air Travelers

When was the last time you saw an empty seat on a flight? It may have been awhile, considering that nearly 70 million of us crammed onto U.S. airline planes in August alone meaning load factors were at a record high. If you feel a bit like a flying sardine… Read More


Thanksgiving Travel: "An All-Day Event"

If you’ll be flying this Thanksgiving, be prepared for delays. So says FareCompare CEO and airline industry analyst Rick Seaney who adds, “I always treat holiday travel as an all-day event.” [See Rick in the video below] LISTEN: Rick’s been there; this is how he copes. *Cheapest days to fly… Read More


Quick Must-See Travel News Headlines

An occasional round-up of global travel stories. Check it out for news-you-can-use, and check out FareCompare for the cheapest flights possible. Airline Computer Crash Advisory: The recent Sabre glitch affecting hundreds of flights across the U.S. prompted this advice from travel expert Rick Seaney: “If you’re at the airport, get in line and… Read More