Can't Travel? No Problem. Send Your Stuffed Animal on a Trip Instead.

Where to begin? With the Unagi Travel Agency of Japan of course and here’s all you need to know about them: They will not book a tour for you. They will book a tour for your stuffed animal. [see the video below]

Some of the odder real animals on planes

Teddy Goes to Tokyo (for $45)

According to the agency’s blog, tours are booked for dolls or teddy bears or other plush animals to a variety of venues including Tokyo or an Onsen Tour (the Japanese term for hot springs or as one site tells us, “sublime soaks”). The Tokyo tour is $45 while the onsen adventure will set you back $55 (presumably due to the extra costs associated with drying fake fur). There is also a Mystery Tour for just $35 but naturally no details are revealed.

All of which leads us to ask – what the heck’s the point? This is where the Japan News comes in.

Cheer for Those Who Can’t or Won’t Travel

According to a story on the Japan News website, a lot of the human owners of the stuffed travelers cannot get out themselves, either because of mobility issues or, in one case, a woman seemed fearful of taking time off from work. Sending Bobo the Sock Monkey as your surrogate is a lot cheaper than your sister-in-law, plus you get the same souvenir photos to enjoy with none of the accompanying complaints about awful airline service (also, Unagi clients rarely seem to lose their luggage). See some of the souvenir photos on the Kotaku site – in fact, see 28 of them.

VIDEO: Teddy Takes Tokyo.

Image from Unagi Travel


Published: October 23, 2013