Calm, Stress-Free Security Check-points? Maybe.

Picture this: You make it through the tedium of airport security when you’re suddenly greeted with “stylish décor, soothing wall art, vibrant lighting and relaxing ambient music.” No, you haven’t made a wrong turn. You’re part of a brave new experiment.

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Couches and Music

It’s an experiment in comfort with a little advertising thrown in. The TSA screening itself won’t change but the ambiance will. As Fodor’s put it, there will be no more officers “barking” at you; instead, video screens will feature reminders about security rules, estimated wait times and music. Ads will be on the screens and near the furniture which you’ll find in the “re-composure” area. No metal benches here, just comfortable plush couches bookended by lamps and end tables. In other words, put your shoes back on in style (and presumably re-compose yourself from an over-zealous pat-down).

According to a press release from the hotel, this is a joint venture by Marriott, SecurityPoint Media and the TSA – working together to transform checkpoint areas into a pretty space that will supposedly provide a calming and stress-free environment.

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What’s the Catch

The catch is, the experiment is now underway only at Dallas-Ft. Worth (at the E18 checkpoint) and Charlotte International (at the E checkpoint). But after a few months, they’re going to re-evaluate and maybe add more airports.

All of which raises the question: Would any of this make any difference to you regarding your feelings about airport security?


Published: October 28, 2013