British Airways Introduces Bronze Tier to Frequent Flyer Program

For air travelers who are part of British Airways Executive Club, there’s a new tier to work toward: Bronze.

The Bronze tier will add a fourth level to British Airways frequent fliers program. Customers can join the Executive Club for free. They then earn Avios – the airline’s currency for frequent fliers – based off how often they fly, how far they fly and what type of ticket they have.

Here’s the new breakdown and the requirements needed for each level:

Blue tier: 0-299 points

Bronze tier: 300-599 points

Silver tier: 600-1,499 points

Gold tier: 1,500+ points

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Current Executive Club members who have between 300 and 599 points are automatically enrolled in the Bronze tier.

Bronze tier membership comes with several benefits, including seat selection seven days before departure, business class check-in and Bronze tier luggage tags, among others.

“The re-launch of the British Airways Executive Club, which now has over 7 million members worldwide, is part of a massive £5 billion investment we are making across the whole airline on new aircraft, lounges and technologies for our customers,” said Frank van der Post, British Airways managing director for brands and customer service experience.

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Published: October 18, 2011