British Airlines Unite to Warn of Potential Olympic Chaos at London Airports

It’s not exactly news that London will be crowded this summer, but some British airlines are getting increasingly nervous about possible travel snafus and they want potential problems fixed now.

London Heathrow’s Single Busiest Day This Summer

In an unusual show of solidarity, the heads of four rival airlines – British Airways, BMI, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet – sent a joint letter to the British government, warning that time was running out to deal with the expected Olympic-related “surge in air traffic and its impact.”

Will London See an ‘Unholy Mess’?

Reuters described the arrivals and departures of an anticipated additional 700,000 Olympic travelers as ripe for “chaos” while the head of British Airways used the term, “unholy mess.”

4 Ways to Save on Flights to Europe this Summer

The airlines big concern is that no final plan for air travel is yet in place, and they want to know how air traffic controlwill cope will all the planes and what would happen if bad weather delays occur. They also are interested in the effects of “security incidents.”

Meeting on Olympic Air Issues Later this Month

What to Do in London Besides the Olympic Games

A meeting between the airlines and the UK’s Department of Transport is set for March 22, and the airlines want decisions in place at that time. The carriers’ executives warned that if this doesn’t happen, Great Britain could suffer “reputational damage.”


Published: March 20, 2012