Breaking News: Traveler Info for Tuesday, Dec. 9

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In the News

Bad weather news: According to FlightStats, bad weather is creating “significant to excessive” delays in and out of Philadelphia, Newark and New York. Later this week, bad weather is expected in northern California – which could affect San Francisco and Oakland – and some airlines are already waiving change fees. For more information, contact your airline and see My Flight is Delayed/Cancelled: How to Get Another Flight Fast.

American’s big plans: The carrier says it’s pouring $2 billion into improvements, including a lot of new planes (what American calls “air candy”). Business travelers in particular will no doubt enjoy the revamped Admirals Clubs and new lie-flat seats but there will be powerports at every seat, eventually.

Update on slain TSA agent: It’s been more than a year since TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez was killed while on the job at Los Angeles International; now the man accused of shooting him may finally go to trial in 2015. New reports say federal prosecutors will decide in January whether to seek the death penalty.

Mistake fares will be honored: Last week, Singapore Airlines reportedly sold nearly a thousand business class tickets at economy prices. Airline execs are still trying to figure out how this happened but will honor the fares. Mistake fares are rare but it happens, and one of the best ways to find them is by signing up for airfare alerts.

People are Talking About

Nutty flight: A Korean Air exec made one of its jets heading to the runway at JFK turn around and go back to the gate to drop off a cabin crew member. The reason? The exec didn’t like the way her macadamia nuts were served ( she didn’t get a plate). This delayed passengers by 20 minutes and while the airline ultimately apologized, the fate of the nut-serving crew member remains unclear.

In Case You Missed It

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Published: December 9, 2014