Breaking News: Travel Stuff to Know for Monday, Dec. 8

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In the News

More “uncomfortable” airline seats: According to the Los Angeles Times, Hawaiian Airlines is joining United, Alaska, Southwest and Spirit on the ‘slim line seats’ bandwagon at least on some flights. Airlines claim these skinny seats offer passengers the same amount of “personal space” as the old ones but allow carriers to cram more people into cabins (which means they make more money). An online survey showed the vast majority of folks who tried skinny seats found them less comfy than the old ones, but that won’t stop this trend. Or so it seems.

More ‘holiday fees’ predicted: A media report quotes noted airline industry consultant Jay Sorensen as saying, “The industry is slowing moving to the dynamic pricing method [for fees] that has been used with huge success for air fare pricing”. Translation: You may see baggage fees rise during Labor Day or Christmas. In fact, Spirit Airlines is already doing this. Can seasonal hikes for summer be far behind?

Best airlines: According to AirlineRatings, the best airline in the world is Air New Zealand, followed by Etihad and Cathay Pacific (entire list here). No U.S. carrier made the overall top ten but the best budget carrier was New York-based JetBlue.

Latest unruly passenger: An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Los Angeles had to divert to Phoenix Sunday after a 33 year old male passenger began “yelling profanities and racial slurs” and wouldn’t stop. The passenger was met at Sky Harbor by a mental health crisis team.

People are Talking About

“Vomit soaked nightmare”: That’s what Gawker called the incident aboard a US Airways flight from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia that had to divert to Rome after passengers and crew members became violently ill. A strange odor was noticed but no one seems to know what it was but something made 16 people seriously ill including three flight attendants who were rushed away in an ambulance.

In Case You Missed It

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Updated: December 8, 2014