Bombing Aftermath: Heightened Security but Few Delays

In the wake of Monday’s tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon, there have been some changes at the nation’s airports – but not as many as you might expect, and few delays.

Airlines waive ‘change fees’ (but hurry)

More Airport Security

As air travel analyst Rick Seaney points out, security at U.S. airports is tighter with more random bag checks and don’t be surprised to see more canine units deployed. “The good news,” said Seaney, “is that we’re in the middle of the week which is the slow period for airports so travelers probably won’t be affected too much, certainly not in the next few days.”

Nevertheless, the situation is fluid and can change at any time so FareCompare’s advice is get to the airport earlier than you normally would.

See your airport’s security ‘wait times’

TSA: Only a Few Long Lines

Statistics indicate delays are few and scattered. According to the TSA’s security wait times page, a few of the security checkpoint lines at Boston’s Logan International were experiencing delays of 30 minutes or more, but many of the lines were moving right along with no delays whatsoever. It was a similar story at JFK and Chicago, and Los Angeles International had even fewer long lines.

See if your airport is experiencing flight delays

Few Flight Delays

As of mid-morning, the FlightStats Delay Index map was showing a sea of green dots across the U.S. which signify “very low” delays (if any). The same held true for Europe, for the most part, with only Scandinavian airports showing meaningful delays.


Published: April 16, 2013