Big Storm in Northeast Cancels Thousands of Flights: What to Do Next

If you’re scheduled to fly in the Northeast today, particularly in Philadelphia, New York and much of New England, winter storm Juno is hitting these areas hard.

Airlines Waive Change Fees

Already thousands of flights have been canceled, and many airlines are allowing travelers to reschedule with no financial penalty [links to latest airline updates below].

To see where the snowy mess is hitting in real-time, go to FlightStats. If your flight is affected, the first step is to contact the airline immediately.

Storm Delays Can Affect Other Parts of U.S.

Just because you’re not in the Northeast, don’t think the storm can’t affect you; there is a ripple effect that can occur even in cities where it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside. It all depends on where planes are coming from and where they are going. Example: When a big hub like New York is slammed with delays, flights leaving NYC for the West Coast will be delayed and then those New York-originating flights leaving LA for other destinations could also be delayed, and on and on it goes.

Contact Airline Immediately

If your travel can be put off, do that; fly another time. If you must travel soon, check out these ways that may help you get where you need to go, in What to Do When Bad Weather Delays or Cancels Flights – and be sure and listen to this podcast by travel expert and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney.

LISTEN: What to do when bad weather delays, cancels flights.

Latest Airline Storm Info & Contacts

Click the airline name for the latest storm updates and contact information.

U.S. Based Carriers

International Carriers

We will update with more information here as it becomes available.


Updated: January 26, 2015