Is This the Best Seat on Any Plane?

In this era a sardine can airplane experiences (for us frugal flyers in coach) it’s fun to dream about the goodies in business and first class. But most of those lovely amenities are nothing compared to what’s available in the Residence on Etihad Airways. You might call this, super-duper first class [see the video below].

Amazing Luxury Experience

The flagship carrier of the United Arab Emirates has always been known for its luxuriously elite cabins (though the airline does offer economy seating), but its Residence service goes way beyond normal perks. Some examples:

  • Your own butler: At your service throughout the flight. You do not share your butler with any other Residence travelers.
  • Your own bathroom: Your own shower, too, plus a bathrobe plus “exclusive toiletries”.
  • Your own bed: Big enough for two (if you’re feeling cozy) with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Leather sofa: Plus an ottoman so you can put your feet up when you watch the 32-inch flat-screen TV while you sip your chilled drink that the butler’s just poured. You can also watch the 27 inch screen but why lower yourself?
  • Breakfast in bed: Oh!

All Yours for $20,000

Yes, the Residence experience will cost you – about $20,000 for a flight from Abu Dhabi to London. The good news is, there is no extra charge if you bring a friend or partner (but you better be good friends – as noted, the beds are not king-sized).

In recent years, a few of the Middle Eastern carriers seem to be trying to outdo eachother with over-the-top amenities and certainly U.S. carriers are upping their game when it comes to business class. If you’ve had a taste of this good life, you better believe we’d like to hear about it.

In the meantime – well, we can dream, can’t we?

VIDEO: Inside the Residence, thanks to Yahoo Travel.


Updated: January 7, 2015