Best On-Time Performances for Airlines around the World – June 2015

If you were expecting to see U.S. carriers heading FlightStat’s list of best on-time performances for the top 50 airlines around the world, forget it. Not in June, anyway.

Best Airline On-Time Performances

In fact, a U.S. carrier didn’t even top the list for North America’s on-time performances rankings; that honor went to a Canadian carrier.

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But here’s a reality check: The big global winner S7 has only 6,600 scheduled flights while American (which ranked 35) has nearly 59,000. See the number of scheduled flights per airline and all winners and losers here.

North America

  1. WestJet (Canada)
  2. Alaska (U.S.)
  3. Delta (U.S.)
  4. Virgin America (U.S.)
  5. JetBlue (U.S.)


  1. S7 (Siberian Airlines, Russia)
  2. Aeroflot (Russia)
  3. KLM (Netherlands)
  4. Finnair (Finland)
  5. Air Berlin (Germany)

All Airlines

  1. S7 (Russia)
  2. ANA (All Nippon Airways, Japan)
  3. South African Airways (South Africa)
  4. JAL (Japan Airlines, Japan)
  5. Aeroflot (Russia)

If you’ve flown any of the international carriers on the lists above, we’d love to hear what you thought about them.


Updated: July 13, 2015