Best and Worst Airports – Sometimes They're One and the Same

A new list based on a survey of U.S. travel agents offers some seemingly contradictory responses which may just go to show that one person’s favorite airport is another’s worst nightmare.

Listen as travel expert Rick Seaney says, take these lists with a grain or two of salt:

Best and Worst for Connecting Flights

The travel agents were asked which airports their clients prefer – and try to avoid – when they have to make a connecting flight.



Best Airports for Connections

Worst Airports for Connections

1. Atlanta Chicago O’Hare
2. Charlotte New York JFK
3. Dallas/Ft. Worth Atlanta
4. Houston Intercontinental New York LaGuardia
5. Detroit Newark

Notice that Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson made both lists – and Chicago’s O’Hare (pictured) also made the best airport list, coming in at number seven.*

Best Airport Amenities

Those that dislike Chicago for connecting flights are apparently willing to admit it has some charms, particularly when it comes to shops and dining and other amenities. Take a look at these favorites:

Best Airports for Dining and Amenities
1. Atlanta
2. Minneapolis/St. Paul
3. Chicago O’Hare
4. Dallas/Ft. Worth

In the fifth spot, Las Vegas was voted best amenities while San Francisco had best dining options.

*Note: travel agents surveyed for the connections categories were allowed to pick up to three airports.


Published: February 4, 2013