Best and Worst Airlines per Twitter? Virgin America, JetBlue. Maybe.

Interesting story on re/ that cites a new study on how airlines rank based on Twitter comments. But does it tell the whole story? Probably not. Still it’s fun to see where your favorite ranks. Hint: If you like Virgin America, you’re not alone.

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Best and Worst Airlines Per Twitter

The analysis was done by a company called Luminoso but you will notice it only includes five airlines. These were selected “based on a combination of market share (Delta, United, American) and online customer sentiment (Virgin, JetBlue)”. Here are the results:

Best to Worst Airlines

  1. Virgin America
  2. JetBlue
  3. Delta
  4. American
  5. United

Other findings include:

  • Best Entertainment: JetBlue
  • Best Seating: Delta
  • Best for Customer Service: Virgin America
  • Best Crews: JetBlue

However, as noted, this analysis probably doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Wait a Minute, Where’s Southwest?

Commenters on the re/code article asked, where is Southwest? The popular airline didn’t get all those fans just with free bags but the omission is not exactly explained.  The much smaller Spirit wasn’t included either, and while it cheerfully acknowledges it has its share of haters, the ultra low cost carrier also has a rabid following.

The best explanation may be Forbes’ which notes the study only covered tweets in August, which it called a reflection of “what a slice of social media users said about the airlines over a fixed period of time. Weather events, promotions or any sort of news can skew the public’s sentiment at any time, and one of those events could have tipped the scales within the window of this study.”



Published: September 15, 2014