Best and Worst Airlines for the Holidays: The Real Story

Maybe you saw the Forbes story on best and worst airlines for the holidays and are worried your carrier is a loser. Don’t panic, it’s not so simple, as FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney explains in the video below.

According to Seaney, it’s pretty obvious why Honolulu-based Hawaiian tops the Nice List while Denver-based Frontier leads the Naughty airlines: Weather.

Now for the Forbes list, which is based on calculations provided by FlightAware which looked at airline delays over the past few years during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period.


BEST: Least Delayed Arrivals

WORST: Most Delayed Arrivals

  1. Hawaiian
  1. Frontier
  1. Alaska
  1. JetBlue
  1. AirTran
  1. Southwest
  1. US Airways
  1. ExpressJet
  1. Mesa Airways
  1. SkyWest


VIDEO: Now some background and nuance from air travel expert Rick Seaney on Fox Business (and don’t miss the part where anchor Melissa Francis says, “You could be headed to a holiday to hell!”):


Published: December 19, 2013