Best and Worst Airlines According to Social Media

The Daily Mail reports a company called Crimson Hexagon scoured social media (including Twitter and Facebook) to determine which airlines receive the most positive or negative sentiments or social media mentions. There aren’t too many surprises.

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Best Airlines: Positive Social Media

Positive mentions mostly had to do with how airlines handle complaints including response time, solutions to problems and even the tone of conversations. Ten airlines were examined, these were the top five:

  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • KLM and Virgin Atlantic (tie)
  • United

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Worst Airlines: Negative Social Media

You will note that some airlines can be perceived as positive or negative, depending on the social media user (and perhaps whether or not their problem was solved). These were tops in negative sentiments:

  • United and American (tie)
  • Delta
  • Ryanair and JetBlue (tie)

Spirit Airlines – the U.S. discount carrier that often garners strong reactions from its many fans and foes – was not included in the study. Just as well, perhaps, as Spirit’s tweets are robotic. As the airline puts it, “A big social media team costs money.”


Updated: May 28, 2015