Best Airlines, Airports – If You Can't Be Late for Your Flight

The latest report from those busy statistics-keepers at FlightStats offers some interesting nuggets about on-time performance in February and some of the big winners may surprise you.

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Best World Airports: Seattle, Tokyo

Only two non-U.S. airports cracked this international list, but for some the real surprise is Seattle in the top spot. Notice the absence of certain airports in Chicago and New York, but winter weather may be at least partly to blame (though that didn’t seem to have hindered Minneapolis). Here are the top 10, with on-time departure percentages (numbers rounded):

  1. Seattle 91.2%
  2. Tokyo 90.8%
  3. Phoenix 87.7%
  4. Los Angeles 85.2%
  5. San Francisco 84.2
  6. Atlanta 84.2%
  7. Charlotte 84.0%
  8. Las Vegas 83.2%
  9. Amsterdam 83.1%
  10. Minneapolis 82.7%

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Best U.S. Airlines: Alaska, Delta

The big surprise to some may be how well Alaska Airlines did. The carrier was number one among major North American airlines for on-time performance in February with slightly more than 90% of its flights arriving within 15 minutes of scheduled time, and that’s pretty good when you consider all the snow we’ve seen this winter. Here are the top five (and again, on-time percentages have been rounded up):

  1. Alaska 90.6%
  2. Delta 86.4%
  3. Southwest 85.5%
  4. US Airways 82.9%
  5. United 82.1%

Not only did Delta Air Lines also do well here, it was the only U.S. carrier that cracked the top 10 among international airlines, coming in at number eight.

Best World Airlines: South African, Gulf Air

Here are the top five among global carriers:

  1. South African 94.7%
  2. Gulf Air 90.8%
  3. Japan Airlines 90.2%
  4. Air New Zealand 89.7%
  5. Singapore Airlines 87.7%

Again, Delta was number eight on the global list with an on-time percentage of 86.4%.


Published: March 8, 2013