Best Airline Deals of the Year – See Sales Now Underway

The airlines are pulling out all the stops this week, launching one airfare sale after another which does not surprise airfare analyst Rick Seaney in the least.

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Cheapest Time of Year to Fly

“We’re in the midst of the cheapest dead zone of the year,” Seaney said, explaining that dead zones are periods when people can’t or won’t fly and the airlines respond by lowering prices to fill their empty seats.

Best Sales and Deals Now Available

These are just some of the sales launched by domestic and international airlines and they include U.S. destinations, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia (see more sales on the Deals Blog). Each of the airlines listed below is followed by a sample deal; for more prices and information, just click the airline name.

  • AirTran: Atlanta to Nassau from $116 one-way
  • Alaska: Los Angeles to Seattle from $79 one-way
  • American: Dallas to New Orleans or San Antonio from $126 round-trip
  • JetBlue: Long Beach, Calif., to Las Vegas from $39 one-way
  • Qantas: Los Angeles to Sydney from $1,343 round-trip
  • Southwest: Boston to Baltimore from $69 one-way
  • United: Denver to Santa Fe this weekend from $157 round-trip – HURRY (book by Jan. 10)
  • US Airways: Boston to Dublin from $537 round-trip
  • Virgin America: San Francisco to Los Angeles or Palm Springs from $69 one-way

Listen: Ricky Seaney with tips on how to take best advantage of this cheapest time to fly.


Published: January 10, 2014