Baggage Handlers May Strike at New York Airports Wednesday

UPDATE: July 23 – Strike was averted.

Original post:

According to media reports out of New York City, more than 1,000 airport workers such as baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and security guards “plan to go on strike” Wednesday night (July 22) at 10 p.m.

Post has been updated with a statement from Delta; see below.

Baggage Handlers Strike at LaGuardia, JFK

The airports involved are New York’s JFK and LaGuardia. Bloomberg said the baggage handlers and the others work for an airline subcontractor and that “Most of the employees set to strike work for Delta Airlines Inc. Others work for British Airways and United.”

If the strike takes place – which is by no means certain at this point – it’s not clear how (or even if) it would affect travelers. UPDATE: Delta responded to FareCompare’s request for a statement with the  following:

“While [the contractor] Aviation Safeguards and [the union] SEIU 32BJ continue to discuss their concerns, Delta will be taking measures to ensure that our more than 35,000 customers booked through LaGuardia on Thursday are not affected.” -Delta Air Lines

What Travelers Can Do

If you think you might be affected, this would be a very good time to use a carry-on instead of a checked-bag. It always makes sense to pack light; you save money, plus time and aggravation. Sometimes, a lot of aggravation.


Updated: July 23, 2015