Bag Fees for Ryanair Tickets Booked by Phone to Jump Sharply

Beginning Dec. 15, European low-cost carrier Ryanair will begin charging sharply higher checked-baggage fees for those passengers who book their tickets via phone or at the airport.

The baggage fees for tickets booked online, however, will remain the same.

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New Fees for Checked-Baggage

Here is how the new “phone bag fee” prices break down:

  • Off-peak season (October to May) – First checked-bag fee: $94
  • Peak season (Summer, Christmas) – First checked-bag fee: $156

Prices are even steeper for a second checked-bag on tickets booked by phone or at the airport:

  • Off-peak season – Second checked-bag fee: $164
  • Peak season – Second checked-bag fee: $211

It should be noted that the above fees are one-way prices and must be doubled for roundtrip flights. Also, checked-bag fees for tickets booked online are not exactly a bargain: Prices for first checked-bags online range from $23 to $54, while a second bag can cost between $54 to $70.

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Reason for the Fee Hike

A UK paper reports that Ryan says the changes were “designed to encourage passengers to bring as few bags as possible” – outside of the carryon baggage allowance of a mere 22 pounds. Travelers should remember that while a carryon is free, only one carryon is allowed which means that any extras such as a purse or a laptop or a shopping bag are forbidden – unless you pay extra for them.


Published: December 13, 2011