Bad Weather Threatens Thanksgiving Travel – What to Do

Oh, boy. Not looking good out there in parts of the country. If you’ll be flying during this Thanksgiving week, check out this advice (and see the links to specific airline info below).

Bad weather delays – more info

Listen: Bad weather? Don’t worry. Travel expert Rick Seaney has your back.

Get in Touch with Your Airline – Now

Your flight is canceled or delayed: Thanksgiving flights will be packed, and finding seats for passengers delayed by storms won’t be easy which is why you must make every effort to be first in line for the next available seat. Get in touch with your carrier and stay in touch. Sign up for email or text alerts – just about every airline offers them.

Your flight may be canceled or delayed: Again, planes will be full so stay up on the news and stay in touch with your airline (and Twitter may be best for that). The airlines will let you know if your flight is canceled. Note: Never assume a flight will be canceled by looking out the window; unless your airline tells you this, there’s always a chance the plane may take off and if you’re not on it, you may not find another seat and you will not get a refund.

Can You Get a Refund

Airline policies vary when flights are canceled or delayed, and our advice is to get in touch with your carrier, stay calm and see what they offer. Sometimes you can negotiate. Just remember, the airline rep you speak to had nothing to do with the weather and is only following the airline refund guidelines. If you can’t get satisfaction, keep your cool and ask to speak with a manager.

Airline Delay/Cancelation Information

Here is the latest information from airline websites but also check Facebook and Twitter. Note: In cases where an airline has not yet issued a travel alert, the link takes you to its homepage where such information is typically displayed.

Click the airline name for updates:

U.S. Airlines – Latest Flight Information

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American Airlines Spirit Airlines
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Frontier Airlines US Airways
JetBlue Virgin America



Published: November 25, 2013