Bad Passengers of the Month

Over the past 30 days or so, there have been several displays of outrageous antics by passengers on planes – on or near them – which got us to thinking: Who was the absolute worst? You tell us.

How to deal with rude passengers

Naked Man

It has not been a good week for the UK-based discounter EasyJet. First, they stranded a bunch of passengers over in Malaga, and then on an EasyJet flight from Malta, some goofball (aka, Naked Man) harassed several fellow passengers and at some point challenged the captain to a fight. Keen observers suspect alcohol may have played a part and may also explain why, upon landing, the passenger in question walked onto the tarmac and removed all his clothes. He also appeared to confuse an exterior airport wall with a restroom leading one wag to wonder if he confused airlines and thought he was traveling on Wizz Air.

How to deal with rude flight attendants

Bomber Man

Nothing funny about this guy: 39-year-old Zeljko Causevic reportedly told screeners at Jacksonville’s airport that he had a bomb in his backpack – he didn’t, but it may not have been readily apparent because he was carrying an electronic scale and batteries in the bag. Bottom line is, he shut down the airport and disrupted all flights there for the next five hours.

Drunk, Aggressive Obnoxious Man

That’s how a judge described this Qantas passenger who punched one crew member and threatened to kill another. He was given a $40,000 fine and sentenced to four months in prison.

Honorable mentions

The Stowaway

If you haven’t read about the 9-year-old kid who successfully sneaked onto a flight to Vegas, see more here. And keep your eye out for him on the highways, too – he’s been known to drive himself to the airport.

The Reptile

What is it with snakes on Qantas planes? Yes, we know, Australia is home to a lot of them, but the 8-foot python curled on a wing during an entire flight surely takes the cake. And yet, a tiny little 8-inch snake went the python one better by grounding a flight, because he was discovered inside the aircraft. It turned out the little fellow was non-venomous but no one was sure at first – and perhaps they wanted to be sure he wasn’t traveling with his family.


Published: October 9, 2013