Bad News for Airline Passengers Who Like Quality

If you’ve ever sat on a plane and thought to yourself, “Goodness, but the quality of this flight has certainly declined,” it may comfort you to know you’re not alone.

Bad News for Passengers

According to the expert analysis of the highly-respected Airline Quality Rating 2015 (covering 2014), the quality of many U.S. airlines is in decline. But not all!

How Airlines Failed

The latest AQR report presents an overall negative picture of an industry with “declines in all four performance areas tracked” including on-time arrivals/departures, denied boardings, mishandled baggage and customer complaints.

To add insult to injury, this  negative showing occurs during what the report calls “positive economic times” for the airlines.

Best and Worst Airlines

BEST: These five came out on top per the the AQR.

1. Virgin America

2. Hawaiian

3. Delta

4. JetBlue

5. Alaska

Note: The only airlines that showed improvement in AQR scores in 2014 were Virgin America, Hawaiian and Alaska.

WORST: These airlines had the lowest scores.

12. Envoy/American Eagle

11. ExpressJet

10. SkyWest

9. United

8. Frontier

Stuck in the middle: Southwest and American. See the entire report here.


Updated: April 15, 2015