Baby Born on Plane, and Not for the First Time

They had to add another passenger name to the Philippine Airlines’ flight manifest this week when a baby was born on the Manila to San Francisco route. The infant, a boy, let out a loud cry, and everyone applauded, which may be the first time anyone cheered a screaming child on a plane.

What Did They Name the Baby?

According to news reports, the infant was named Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo, with “Francis” added because of where he was almost born (since he was born over the Pacific in international waters, it is believed his birthplace will be listed as his home country of the Philipppines).

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Other Babies Born on Planes

It doesn’t happen often, but babies are born in-flight from time to time; earlier this month, another baby boy made a surprise appearance on an Alitalia flight from Milan to Paris, and two years ago, FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney noted a “no frills” birth of a baby aboard discount carrier Southwest. In that case, the flight attendant tossed a blanket down in the back of the 737  and within a short period of time, the infant (yet another boy) made his appearance. A doctor onboard that 2009 Chicago to Salt Lake flight who helped with the delivery was quoted as saying, “When I first saw the head coming out I said, ‘Great, at least it’s not the back end.’ That would’ve been a problem.”

More Deaths than Births on Planes

According to ABC News, babies entering the world via airplane are less likely than exits; the report states that, “A study of 10,189 medical emergencies aboard European flights between 2002 and 2007 by German researchers found only two births but 52 deaths.” However, most of us, thankfully, will go a lifetime without seeing any unexpected entrances or exits on our flights.


Published: September 21, 2011