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Week ending Nov. 22: Rich people, sardine people – and mid-air shower video.

Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories

Meals on Emirates: The Middle Eastern airline’s kitchen produces 115,000 meals a day including sushi and just about anything else you can think of. Most interesting quote from the article is about washing dishes, utensils and serving carts: “Economy-class equipment and business-class equipment are washed separately.” Scott, you were right – the rich are different.

Naughty Spirit: The discount carrier is advertising a “WTF?!” sale which – as they carefully explain – stands for “What The Fare”. Oh, those scamps.

Missing man found: A woman went to Los Angeles International to pick up her elderly dad who’d been having health problems. She couldn’t find him and spent the rest of the day searching before they were eventually reunited. Turns out dad took a bus downtown to have lunch at Philippe’s (his memory may be slipping but he still knows where to find good eats).

Orchestra member denied seat: US Airways allegedly told Ranaan Meyer (a member of the artists-in-residence for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) that he could not bring his big stringed instrument on his flight. What to do? Make a video, of course, in which he says,”Bass players, cello players, do not fly this airline.” Later, Meyer got a ride on another airline so he made a video praising Delta: “They are the nice ones.”

Ice delays: An American flight was supposed to leave Columbus, Ohio at 7:20 a.m. After many misadventures including ‘deicing issues’ it took off – eight hours late. We’re going to assume the passengers quoted in the media reports were your typical, kindly Midwesterners because none used profanity, and even complimented the carrier: “We’ve been given a granola bar and some nuts.”

Sardine time: U.S. airlines are packing in passengers at record rates. Guess what that means if your flight gets canceled? (Hint: No seats).

What it’s like to fly first class: We’ve got video of an Emirates flight Kris Trexler took (3 years ago but we just noticed it and it’s totally worth seeing). Tons of cool stuff in it including a pop-up drink nook, massage chair and a magic window. Don’t miss the shower scene!

Drugged meat: A young fellow attempting to fly out of California’s San Jose airport had his weekend BBQ plans thwarted when the TSA found 3 lbs. of cocaine in some raw meat in his suitcase. That’s one recipe we’d like to see.

Stratospheric Wi-Fi fee: A man on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore went online to check his emails during his 13 hour flight. The fee was less than $30. Oh, wait, there was an overage charge, too: $1,142.47, to be precise. The passenger is said to be in shock.

New at Newark: Some shops and restaurants let you buy stuff at the New Jersey airport with your United miles. Interesting.

VIDEO: Watch our first class friend take a shower at 4:27.


Updated: November 21, 2014