Asiana Airlines Flight Crash-Lands at San Francisco Airport, 2 Killed

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday morning, after the plane clipped a sea wall as it came in for a landing.

Two teenage Chinese girls were killed and more than 180 passengers were injured.

Federal investigators said the plane came into too slow and that the pilot and co-pilot tried to abort the landing seconds before crashing.

The crashed forced the shutdown of the four runways at SFO and delays mounted throughout the day.

This was the pilot’s first landing attempt at San Francisco International Airport and records show he only had 43 hours over nine flights on a Boeing 777. It takes 60 hours and 10 flights to be fully qualified to fly a 777.

This is the first crash in more than four years in the U.S. where passengers died. The last flight that crashed was a Continental flight on Feb. 12, 2009, in Buffalo, New York, that killed all 49 passengers when it crashed into a home shortly after take-off.


Published: July 8, 2013