Are These the Best Airlines for Summer Vacation Flights?

Once again, Forbes has produced a list of the best (and worst) airlines for summer vacation travel covering June, July and August. What counts, in the magazine’s opinion, is on-time arrival statistics.

Best Airlines for Summer

Arriving on time is important, and if that’s all you care about, this list is for you. It should be noted that the list doesn’t appear to take into account whether an airline flies to/from a lot of ‘good’ weather cities (Hawaiian) or is based in potentially ‘bad’ thunderstorm areas (New York’s JetBlue).

Our take: Carriers that safely get you where you need to go in a  reasonable amount of time and at a good price are the ones we like best. So how do you find the best airfare deals? Always compare airfares.

Now, the Forbes ‘best’ list – carriers with the highest on-time arrival percentages:

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Alaska
  3. Delta
  4. US Airways
  5. Virgin America

Now, the Forbes worst list – from lowest percentage of on-time arrivals: ExpressJet (regional carrier for Delta and United), Envoy Air (formerly American Eagle), United, JetBlue and American.

Your turn: How important is punctuality to you? If it’s not #1, what is?


Updated: April 28, 2015