Are These the Best Airlines for Economy Class?

We love economy class – sometimes called coach class – but which airline does it best? It turns out several of them get it right according to this story from SmarterTravel.

Best Economy Class

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  • Best Overall Economy/Coach: JetBlue

Wider seats and more legroom are cited as the biggest factors, but we like the free snacks too (other snacks are available for a charge). Yes, JetBlue added a bag fee but it’s cheaper than most of the others.

  • Most Consumer-Friendly: Southwest

If you’ve ever flown Southwest, you know all about the good natured crews and flight attendants. You may even hear a Southwest pilot yell, “Whoaaa!” but do not be alarmed, he’s merely landing the plane.

  • Best Miles Program for Infrequent Fliers: Alaska

Alaska is cited for its generous miles program but we like their baggage guarantee, too.

  • Coolest Coach or Economy Class: Virgin America

It is a cool experience, but then, Virgin’s Emperor Richard Branson is one cool guy.

  • Best Low-Airfare Trans-Atlantic Flights: Norwegian

We’ve seen off-peak deals to Europe on Norwegian Air Shuttle for under $500 – and that’s the round-trip price. See the Deals Blog for more.


Updated: November 16, 2015