Another New Year, Another Racy Airline Ad from Spirit

As you can see, the latest advertisement from discount carrier Spirit Airlines is an eye-catcher:

 Spirit: New Year's Ad

Immature? Even Spirit thinks so. As it admits on its website, “At least now we can make our resolution: be more mature in 2015. We’ll try, anyway…You know how these things go.” We do indeed.

Previous Outlandish Spirit Ads

Spirit’s provocative ads have long been part of the airline’s culture which celebrates frugal flyers who don’t mind paying for amenities – up to and including a glass of water. The irreverent ads of questionable taste enhance an outsider image and these are some of the highlights of years past:

  • Ad featuring then-candidate Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal (The Weiner Rises Again sale)
  • Ad featuring Tiger Woods’ marital woes (Eye of the Tiger sale)
  • Ad featuring “many islands, low fares” (MILF sale)

How Cheap is Spirit?

Spirit describes itself as an ultra-discount carrier – but no single airline always has the cheapest fares – not even Spirit. Shoppers who don’t compare fares risk paying more than they have to.




Updated: January 2, 2015