Another Amazing Airline Video Goes Viral

Airlines have discovered what anyone with a cat and a camera has known for years: A fun or amazing video can go viral in hours and it’s an easy way to get some positive attention. The latest airline to join the crowd is Emirates with its Jetman stunt.

Emirates’ Airline Video

What you’re about to see is a giant Emirates A380 with a couple of wingmen (literally) flying above the Dubai skyline. It was posted Nov. 4 and by the morning of Nov. 6, it had more than 4.5 million views.

VIDEO: Emirates: #HelloJetman

If you’re wondering, “How’d they do that?” check out this video.

VIDEO: Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai Formation Flight

More Amazing Airline Video

We like these – we like all the airline videos – but the one we’re really waiting for is WestJet’s annual Christmas offering (you can see last year’s here).

Image from Emirates video


Updated: November 12, 2015